Meet Niamh

Meet Niamh"Being able to provide customers with the best possible shopping experience gives me a great sense of achievement."

I joined Lidl in June 2015 as a Customer Assistant and have never looked back. As a regular customer of my local Lidl store, I always enjoyed shopping there and knew that the fast-paced environment and culture would suit me as I’m outgoing and very task focused.

I love that every day is different and that there is a constant need to be adaptable to changing situations in store. I really enjoy meeting and interacting with both new and regular customers. Being able to provide them with the best possible shopping experience gives me a great sense of achievement.

Outside work I love going to the gym and try to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. I have a great passion for music and I find playing the piano a great way to relax and unwind during my free time. Travelling is another passion I make time for wherever and whenever I can. I spent my third year of college in the Netherlands and during my 10 months there I managed to squeeze in visiting 10 different countries around my studies.

At first, getting used to the fast-paced retail-environment, was a challenge. Like any new job there was loads to learn and I had to balance this with providing top class customer service. I enjoyed the challenge and thanks to the support and training I received from my team members in store, I soon overcame it.

My biggest achievement in my Lidl journey was when I was first assigned to be Store Responsible Person. My Store Manager trusts me to manage a team of around five people on a close-shift, to lead and motivate them, to ensure we work efficiently to lock up the store correctly and to the required standard. I think the Store Manager’s trust in me shows how far I’ve come.