Meet Neil

I started in Lidl in 2008 and I have been an Area Manager ever since.

I saw applying for Lidl as a way to join an expanding force in the retail sector. It was a chance to prove myself and learn new skills. It was the start of the recession when I applied and I saw Lidl was going from strength to strength and felt it was a great opportunity.

There is no typical week for an Area Manager. That's partly the reason why I love my role so much, every week is different, every day is different, new challenges, new tasks, adapting to ever evolving situations. True to the cliché, there's never a dull moment around here.

The greatest challenge in my Lidl journey was opening the first new concept store and the focus that was on that store for the following months after opening. Keeping the store standards for all the international visits with colleagues from other countries coming to have a look at the new type store, while continuing to deliver the customer service expected for our customers.

My biggest achievement was winning National Area Manager of the year at the 2016 NAAs (National Achievement Awards). This is an annual awards night where the company recognises the dedication of its teams and their achievement of KPIs. Without my store team I wouldn’t have achieved this award and I’m very proud of their dedication and effort.