Meet Eavan

Meet Eavan

“I learned so much so quickly.”

Name: Eavan Ivory

Graduate Programme Stream: HR

Hobbies: Baking


When I was coming to the end of my Masters I did quite a bit of research into the different programmes and went to all the graduate fairs. Lidl always had a presence so I got to speak to lots of graduates and they all said what a great experience they were having. They said they get to see the whole business and that it was a progressive employer, working hard to engage employees. My experience is the same, if not better.

I’ve done a rotation in all four HR areas as well as operational training in stores. I’m based at Head Office and usually work 8 to 6, and I go to the on-site gym most mornings. Coming straight from university I found time management and project management the greatest challenge but there’s a really supportive team around you and I learned so much so quickly. I’ve always thought of myself as organised and creative but the Lidl programme really hones those skills.

The most memorable project I’ve worked on so far has been helping to organise the National Achievement Awards in Lidl. We were able to take these awards beyond Sales and recognise people from all areas of the business for ‘going above and beyond’. There’s no shortage of that at Lidl.