Meet David

Meet David

“Why work for a company that doesn’t push the boundaries?”

Name: David Kane

Graduate Programme Stream: Logistics


Because I’m in the Logistics department, my stream is unique in that it involves a heavier focus on operations. Over the 18 months you do 6 in Area Management, 6 in Logistics Management and 6 in Project Management. Lidl has a reputation for being lean and our team is driving that mission. I had worked in retail and manufacturing as part of my college internship so I knew I wanted to combine operations and processing right through to the end customer. Lidl offers that and more.

Every morning the focus is on goods delivery. Quantity, quality and watertight documentation are what get me up in the morning! In the afternoon we start picking for the next day, so the warehouse is the focus. I love what I do but I also love sharing that enjoyment. In fact, one of the most rewarding things I’ve done here was being part of the Graduate Assessment Centre and speaking in front of hundreds of graduates.

Why work for a company that is slow to evolve? Why work for a company that doesn’t push the boundaries of its capability? You can join Lidl, one of the fastest growing businesses in Ireland and be central in driving our business into future success. The graduate scheme is challenging but it’s extremely rewarding in both a personal and commercial development capacity.