Who can apply?

This programme is open to all experienced retail and logistics managers, who wish to progress their career and earn a degree at the same time. You must have a minimum of 2 years management experience.

When can I apply?

Applications open on 2nd July and close on 27th July 2018.

When does the programme start?

Successful candidates will start employment on 2nd October 2018 with academic studies commencing in January 2019.

What is the recruitment process?

There will be a number of Recruitment Open Days held in locations around the country between August 1st and August 12th. At the Open Day you can find out more about the programme and will take part in a short speed interview.  Following the Open Day successful candidates will then be invited to a 2nd round interview between August 13th to 26th. Job offers will be made between August 27th and September 2nd. 

I have been invited to the Open Day, what if I can't make it?

You can contact the Regional Personnel Office and they may be able to reschedule you to another Open Day if there are any remaining.

Do I need a full driver’s license?

Yes. You need a full driver’s license and access to transport. 

What is the salary whilst on the programme?

All salary and benefit details are outlined in the application.

What are the programme start/end dates?

The programme will start on October 2nd 2018 and will run for 2 years.

What are the modules? Am I required to travel for the course?

The academic course will comprise of several modules, which will cover subjects such as "Managing Effectively", "Introduction to Finance", "Logistics" and "Retail Operations". These modules will be delivered weekly online from the comfort of your home. There will also be several weeklong classroom sessions that will be held in Dublin and Belfast throughout the programme.

All the academic content is complemented by weekly webinars and Lidl-specific training. The webinars, which will be hosted by Lidl experts, will help to put the learning into context and will allow you to implement this into your new role and really make an impact. 

What are the role requirements?

For the majority of your programme you will be based in one of our Stores or Warehouses, working 4 days a week as a Deputy Store Manager or Deputy Logistics Manager, whichever you choose. You can find out more information on the responsibilities, tasks and opportunities for these positions here:

    Deputy Store Manager

    Deputy Logistics Manager

What equipment do I need for this programme?

To successfully complete this, you will need access to broadband for your weekly webinars and a laptop.

Is Lidl covering my tuition fees?

Yes, tuition fees are paid in full by the company.

Will I be assigned a mentor?

Yes, each trainee will get a buddy, mentor and a coach during their programme. It is up to each trainee to utilise this to their best advantage. The buddy will be a Deputy Store Manager or Deputy Logistics Manager based in your store or warehouse. They are your first call for any questions or advice whilst on the programme. The mentors are high performing Store Managers or Logistics Managers who have a wealth of knowledge, expertise and advice that they can share with you to help you enhance your skills and develop further. You will also be assigned a coach, who will be a Sales Operations Manager. They will help to develop to your full potential.

Do you need German to apply?

No, you do not need German to apply.

Will Lidl help me obtain a work visa? Do you sponsor work and travel visas?

Unfortunately we do not sponsor visas.

Are there opportunities for career development?

There are many opportunities for progression at the end of the programme – Store Management, Logistics Management or other roles within our business.