Meet Lisa & Peter from IT / Business Solutions

Meet Lisa

I joined Lidl April 2004 as a Regional Administration Assistant. I
didn’t know much about the company back then because Lidl was relatively new to Ireland, there was a lot of buzz around my home town Newbridge when the RDC was opened. A friend of mine had started working in the Sales department and told me about a job opening in the Regional Admin department and asked if I’d be interested.

After 9 years in Regional Administration, where I learned about all aspects of regional warehouse operations and store activities, I was offered a position in the Orga IT Dept in Head Office which I jumped at as I was studying an IT diploma in my spare time. I started working in the Projects Team and moved to the Service & Support Team after 6 months.

You cannot predict a typical working day within the Service and Support team. IT is forever updating and changing. Some of the more typical problems we face in IT arise from communication issues between our in-house software applications, network issues, users being unable to login and store related IT issues.

Working in Service and Support is not a typical job and definitely doesn’t mean I’m stuck in front of a PC every day. I’m involved with every department in the business and I get to know a lot of the employees within the company. It may be only a simple issue for me to solve but for the end user it could have a major impact on their working day.

My responsibilities include checking our monitoring system to report on and resolve any errors that have occurred. This system requires constant monitoring to ensure that business operations run smoothly. I also work on and resolve open tickets raised by our colleagues in stores, warehouses and business departments. Tickets raised include issues with PCs, laptops, phones, iPads and all our system applications.

What I enjoy most about working in Lidl is the people. The diversity within my department and the wider business, with people from different backgrounds and cultures, ensures there’s a vibrant, creative and positive working atmosphere.

The challenging nature of the work I do provides a great sense of satisfaction when I can help resolve issues and assist my colleagues in the IT department to create a better work environment for the wider business. Striving to continuously improve the service we provide in IT while also rolling out new IT solutions means there’s always something exciting to be involved in.

I have a great network of friends both in and outside of work so organising social events and bringing people together is important to me. I read a lot in my spare time, my favourite genres are crime and thrillers. I’m also known for being a bit of a movie geek. I enjoy spending time with my family too and catch up with them regularly.

Fun fact: I can juggle and I’m a mine of useless information, this comes in handy for table quiz’s which I never win ;)

Meet Peter

I joined Lidl in April 2014 as a Junior IT Systems Manager in the Service & Support team. I was responsible for a number of projects and concepts aimed at improving the user experience of our IT systems across the business.

Before that I worked with the IT Department as an external contractor for a couple of years, building and maintaining store systems during a period of a lot of growth and change.

Currently my role is IT Systems Manager within the IT Infrastructure team. I am primarily responsible for the company’s critical network across 200 sites.

The opportunity to work with one of Ireland’s leading employers and the fact that Lidl is a brand that is associated with exceptional success, and the chance to be part of that, is what attracted me.

You can cover a lot of ground in a day here. I usually have multiple projects and rollouts on the go. On any given day I can be doing an upgrade in one of the regional distribution centres, managing a network rollout in our store environment or working on a task with colleagues in our Dublin Head Office.   

The company culture here is to always strive for improvement and growth. There are constantly new ideas and innovations being worked on. As long as we keep that drive, it will always be interesting here.

From an IT point of view, I have seen a lot of positive change to our systems over the years. In the early days of Lidl Ireland there were a lot of manual processes that required new solutions as the company grew. Today we have redundant store systems that are remotely monitored by IT, wireless devices in our warehouses helping workers efficiently distribute our product range and IT environment that allows employees roam and work anywhere across our offices nationwide. I am proud of being involved in delivering the solutions that have facilitated this transformation.

I’m big into mountain biking and playing pirates with my 2-year-old daughter.

A fun fact, I’ve always had a fruit phobia, which tends to give people a laugh, so you won’t find me in that part of the store!