Meet Evelina & Padraig from Finance & Accounting

Meet Evelina

I joined Lidl in September 2005 as an Assistant in the Finance
department. I then moved to the Cost & Fixed Assets section of the Accounts department, then became team leader of Cost and Fixed Assets.

I applied for the role as I liked the idea of a secure position with the opportunity to grow in a multinational company.

My responsibility is to ensure the smooth running of the team. Every days differs from the other - various tasks, involvement in projects, dealing with different people and queries.

I enjoy getting the opportunity to learn new things. Although I have been working in the Accounts department for a long time, things change every year and there is always room to grow and learn.

I face challenges every single day and every time I overcome them, it makes me grow stronger and more confident. Every little achievement is part of my journey of understanding myself and what I can achieve.

Fun fact – I went skydiving when I was 14. I'm not sure if you consider this a fun fact but it was definitely fun for me.

Meet Padraig

I started in August 2008 as a Junior Internal Auditor. It was a brilliant place to get a full overview of the business as I completed audits in areas like Sales, Logistics, Purchasing and of course Finance and Accounting.

I then moved into the Accounting and Finance Team in December 2010 as the Finance Team Leader. After a successful period in that role and completing my accounting qualification I was promoted to the Department Manager, Finance and Accounting in March 2014. I then spent 6 months in Germany learning the language and completing a short training programme in our German Head Office.

In August 2016 I got the opportunity to spend a year in Germany where I took on the role of Department Manager Fixed Assets in Lidl Germany. At the end of my year in Germany I got to work and support the international Stock Accounting Department.

I returned to Ireland in August 2017 where I took on the role as Head of Finance and Accounting.

Before I applied for Lidl, I met someone who worked for the company and was told Lidl offered a fast-paced, dynamic environment that gave people huge opportunities to grow and develop a strong career which is why I applied for the company.

I’ve never had a typical day since I started in 2008, every day brings a new challenge. It’s very much one of the reasons I still enjoy what I do. My responsibilities are making sure we have an efficient running Finance and Accounting department, and that for me means supporting and developing our excellent 20 people strong team, however it does help when we pay invoices on time!

As mentioned, it’s the ever-changing environment, I’ve never been bored in Lidl. Another big factor for me is the people. I really enjoy working with the people I work with. You have of course your tough days however I really do enjoy coming to work in the morning.

My biggest challenge since I started with Lidl was when I joined the Finance and Accounting team in 2010. I really struggled. The learning curve was just so steep and I was making a lot of mistakes and not meeting any of my KPIs, deadlines or goals. I really doubted myself and my career in Lidl and I would say so did others in the business. The biggest thing I learned from that year is that if you are struggling or you do not understand, say it or ask questions. Open communication is so important. I believe the biggest strength sometimes is to show weakness. I learned a lot about myself that year I’ve achieved a lot since, however, I still think coming through that tough time, that was my biggest achievement.

Outside of work I like to run, however I feel like I talk about it more than actually doing it the moment! We’ve just moved into our new home so I’ve been busy with that for the last few months. I’m a massive car enthusiast, so you might find me doing anything related to cars in my free time.

A fun fact about me? I’m a German speaking Irish Accountant, I don’t know if “fun” fits into my description!