1.    IT / Business Solutions

The vision of the IT / Business Solutions department is to be a strong, innovative partner to the business. Their mission is to support all stores, regional distribution centres and our head office colleagues, bring technological innovations and consider our customers in everything they do.
Some exciting projects they have recently rolled out or are currently rolling out are the National Lottery, self-checkout tills, touch tills (future proof modern shopping experience), online collaboration rooms, an IT vending machine in our head office and a new Payroll infrastructure upgrade.


2.    Legal & Compliance

The Legal & Compliance department in Lidl support the business in making
informed business and legal decisions while mitigating risk and ensuring compliance with all relevant laws and guidelines. Their main areas of responsibility are drafting and advising on contracts, adherence to and continual development of our compliance programme and dealing with contentious matters which may be litigated.
Their current exciting projects include reviewing our business systems and processes to ensure compliance with new data protection legislation, updating our CCTV systems to state-of-the-art technology and training with our regional teams to ensure awareness and reduction of insurance risks facing the business.


3.    Finance & Accounting

Our Finance and Accounts department processes 240,000 invoices per year from suppliers for the stock sold in our stores. They also process 48,000 invoices per year for other business expenses and assets.
They record and reconcile the cash flows both in and out of the business and prepare Tax returns for the authorities. At the end of the Financial Year they use all of this information to compile the Financial Statements to accounting standards.
The Finance and Accounts department supports the business by ensuring all Turnover is processed, payments are received, suppliers are paid punctually and that Lidl is compliant with all Tax and Accounting regulations.


4.    Management Accounting

The role of the Management Accounting department is to be a trusted strategic partner for all stakeholders, delivering market leading solutions which drive sustainable company success.
In order to achieve this, they;

    Work with business partners, building sustainable relationships
    Provide expertise and business intelligence through empowered teams
    Continuously improve and develop systems and processes

The role of the Management Accounting department is to be responsible for supporting key stakeholders in all areas of the business, overseeing the month end accounting process and being a driving force behind supporting the business with key initiatives, projects and the financial planning cycle.
A role in the Management Accounting department will offer you the opportunity to play a pivotal role within the business and be seen as a subject matter expert in respect of accounting treatments and/or analysis, working closely with other members of the team developing medium & long-term strategic plans to ensure forward-looking business plans are delivered and minimal variances are encountered.


5.    Organisation

Lidl ensures market leading value by constantly optimising our efficient
processes. This forms the core of what the Organisation department's focus is. Our Organisation department ensures that our processes are documented correctly in a clear and transparent manner and facilitates the continuous improvement of those processes through correct project management. The team is continuously working with different departments across the business in order to support them in improving their processes and then of course they also strive to improve their own processes.
There are a number of projects on the go at the moment – the Organisation department are currently reviewing their project management processes and additionally focusing on some paper heavy processes within the business which they feel could be made more efficient through digitalisation. All in a day's work and there is
never a dull day!


6.    Audit

Our Internal Audit department provides independent, objective assurance and consultancy with the aim of adding value and improving the organisation's operations. The department supports the business in accomplishing their objectives and governing processes throughout the business. Working in the Audit department provides a valuable birds eye view of the organisation with an opportunity to gain knowledge into a wide range of processes across the business including Sales, Logistics, Supply Chain, Human Resources and Property.

7.    Customer Services

Our Customer Service department is the first point of contact for all of
our customers and interacts with the public on behalf of the company. The department provides information about our stores, products and services and also deals with many other different types of complaints, queries and suggestions. Our Customer Service department is very important as it assists with giving customers the correct information, actively resolves customer complaints, collates information to help minimise future risk, ensures the health and safety of customers and also helps to protect the brand and reputation. The department also plays a vital role in providing the rest of the business with data and insights that can continually help provide a better service and offering for our customers.
The Customer Service department is currently working on a number of projects which focus on continually improving the level of service offered to our customers. Two of these projects will help define and measure overall customer satisfaction at store level and also in our Customer Service call centre. As part of these projects, the team will be introducing customer surveys where they will ask our customers to rate our service based on their experience. The objective is to learn from this feedback so that we can make continual improvements for our customers. The team is also heavily involved with our internal “CustomerFIRST” strategy where we are driving improvements right across the business to ensure an exceptional customer experience for our customers.