Essential Tips

Essential Tips

As the graduate job market is quite competitive, we thought we’d provide you with some essential advice on how to do your best and really stand out. Here are some hints and tips on how to write a CV and what to look out for when attending an interview.


How to write a good CV

It must catch the reader's eye, as you will probably only have 20-30 seconds to attract their attention.
The layout must be clear and simple, enabling the reader to find the information they need quickly.
Ideally keep the CV to 2 pages (try to include a cover letter that is targeted to the position you are applying to).
Keep sentences short and punchy (avoid overwritten long paragraphs and sentences).
Use bullet points to break up the text under section headings.
Include a short summary at the beginning of the CV stating the type of role you are seeking & what skills you can bring to this role.
Include enough detail about previous jobs and experience (focus on key tasks & skills developed).
Shout about your achievements, employers need to know the benefits of employing you.
Check your CV carefully for errors before sending it. Tiny errors can distract and make you look careless and lazy. Preferably get someone to check it, as they are most likely to spot errors.
Use white or cream paper.

Do not

Include anything that might be considered as a failure
Show salary
Use fancy borders or coloured paper
Use ring binders (particularly frustrating for recruiters)
Write your CV in Excel



Be able to provide referee details easily and without hesitation.
Be able to provide confirmation of academic results or at least how one can verify results.


Recruiters perspective

We need to know what you are currently studying / working.
Research has shown that CVs are best written in Arial 10 / 11 (this is the easiest font to read).


Essential hints and tips for interviews

Be prepared and do your research on the company.
Review your qualifications for the job.
Listen to the questions fully and answer questions to the point.
Demonstrate your communication skills.
Look the interviewers in the eyes.
Dress appropriately.
Find a comfortable position in the seat.
Be cooperative and enthusiastic.
Practice with friends and family.
Remember it’s ok to be nervous! We know you don’t have all the answers and that’s OK with us.



Who can apply?

You can apply if you have or will attain a 2.1 Level 8 Honours degree in any discipline.

When can I apply?

Applications open in September each year.

When does the programme start?

The Graduate Management Development Programme begins in September each year.

Can I apply for more than one stream?

Yes, you can. If you are successful with your application to more than one stream, you will be asked to choose your preference before the recruitment day.

What is the recruitment process?

You submit your application form via our website, our hiring managers screen the applications and respond pre Christmas each year. The next stage of the process is our recruitment day held in February. If you are successful on the day, you will be invited to a final interview in our head office.

I have been invited to the recruitment day, what if I can't make it?

Unfortunately there is only one recruitment day held for the Graduate Management Development Programme each year.

How do I know which stream I am attending at the recruitment day for?

Please email if you are unsure.

Do I need a full driver’s license?

Yes. You need a full driver’s license and a car as the role involves operational training at the beginning. This involves spending time outside of your usual place of work.

How do I decide what department is right for me?

We understand as graduates you may not know the exact area you want to apply to. The great thing about our graduate programme is that you can apply to multiple streams and further along in the recruitment process you can decide on your preference.

What is the salary whilst on the programme?

From day one the salary is €36,400 per annum.

Do I get a company car?


What are the programme start/end dates?

The programme duration is 18 months and begins in September each year.

Do you need German to apply?

No, although it is an advantage, it is not necessary.

Do you only hire candidates with business or retail backgrounds?

Not at all. We have 12 different departments and hire graduates from a variety of degree disciplines. We want flexible graduates with drive and enthusiasm!

Do you offer an internship programme?

Unfortunately no.

Will Lidl help me obtain a work visa? Do you sponsor work and travel visas?

Unfortunately we do not sponsor visas.

If Lidl doesn’t visit my campus, will my application still be considered?

Yes. Although we maintain relationships with certain universities where we actively market ourselves, all applications are considered very carefully and reviewed closely via our online application tool. If we are not visiting your campus, why not meet us at the annual GradIreland fair in October. There will be opportunities to chat with our current graduates on the programme as well as more senior employees. (Please see the GradIreland website for the exact date.)

What training can I expect whilst on the programme?

We offer a tailored training plan for each graduate whilst on the programme to suit their professional development needs. This includes operational training from Customer Assistant right up to Area Manager and regional logistics. Training will also take place in one of our four regional offices. The remainder of the time is spent in our head office in the chosen stream. Our sales and logistics graduates spend more time in our regional distribution centres getting to know our stores and warehouses. When in Head Office you will receive soft skills training and development. We also have an in-house training catalogue which our graduates utilise for further development. Why not check out the graduate roadmap on our website to find out about the road to success?

Will I be assigned a mentor?

Yes, each graduate will get both a graduate and director mentor during their programme. It is up to each graduate to utilise this to their best advantage. The directors have a wealth of knowledge, expertise and advice that they can share with you to help you enhance your skills and develop further. You will also have a 6-, 12- and 18-month presentation to your relevant Heads of Department, the programme manager and relevant director. The graduate mentor is a buddy who is your first call for any questions or advice whilst on the programme. He/she is a past grad and someone you will be able to relate to.

Are there opportunities for career development?

There are many opportunities for progression. It is really up to you to make an impression while on the programme. Some of our graduates are now Project Managers, Heads of Department, working in Lidl US or Germany. The career opportunities are endless. It's just a matter of embracing your graduate journey.