Our Lidl DNA

We are proud to be leading the way in grocery retailing. As a team, our vision is to make our customers’ lives better by providing quality food at market leading value.

We're an ambitious team and we are proud of the way we do things. Life in Lidl is fast-paced and challenging, no two days are the same and we wouldn't have it any other way. Hard work and fun go together in Lidl. We are a people business and having a good team around you is what we are all about.

What does this mean for our team? Our values are core to everything we do.


RespectLidl is a melting pot of ideas and people. We respect each other’s differences and we’re consistent and fair. But we also respect our workplace, our products, their origin and our customers. And sometimes ‘respect’ is really as simple as helping each other out. It’s hard work being this dedicated. A helping hand shows that you care.




ResponsibilityWe serve the nation, that’s a huge responsibility. As individuals and as a business, we are role models in every community where we work, to our customers and to each other. Each and every one of us shares in that responsibility and we are always prepared to step up and step in when tasked with challenges. We don’t just serve the local community, we’re an important part of it. We have to be the best version of ourselves, every single day. Yes, we’re a shop, a warehouse, a support office - but we’re also responsible for serving the next generation, for fuelling Northern Ireland, for giving people great food and great service that they can afford.



Our customers trust us to provide the best produce, the freshest food, the tastiest treats and a central aisle full of the best deals in the market. We trust each other to work hard, work smart and bring our expertise and enthusiasm to work every day. And you can trust the business to recognise your efforts, give you the training and development you need, but also trust you with the freedom to be brilliant.



RecognitionHonest feedback is so, so important. If any of us can do things better, we must. That’s how we stay ahead of the competition. But even more important than that is recognition for a job well done. Whether that’s financial rewards, promotion, a senior manager recognising what a colleague does for the business, or just a simple ‘thank you’ from a customer. That’s what gets us all out of bed in the morning.