1. Supply Chain Management

The role of the Supply Chain Management department is to co-ordinate the optimal movement of product from supplier to consumer.

Based in our head office and in all of our regional distribution centres, the team works closely with suppliers on a daily basis to optimise orders, maximise availability and ensure the freshest product is available to our customers.

Every day the department orders from suppliers based all over Ireland and all over Europe. This needs to be carefully planned to ensure the right amount of stock arrives at the right time.

Each week the team forecasts all of our promotions and manage how and where these will be presented in store.


2.    Sales Organisation

Sales Organisation supports stores by identifying needs and
opportunities through evaluation, then creating customer- and store-focused solutions that are efficient in time and cost, while improving performance.

The projects the department works on are separated into Inventory & Productivity projects, People & Procedures projects and Store Systems & Advance projects. Some exciting Inventory & Productivity projects are the introduction of Lotto to stores in Ireland, “VMK”, the roll-out of sophisticated CCTV system in stores, “Flower Shower”, a tool for stores to efficiently water plants, “Team Task Board”, a tool for stores to aid them in daily task organisation, and lots more. Some exciting People & Procedures projects are “customerFirst”, a project improving customer service in stores, “Store Day” a concept involving all colleagues from our head office working in store for one day, the “Sales Leadership Concept”, a project to upskill our management teams in Sales to be more effective leaders and lots more. Store Systems & Advance Projects are projects such as the roll-out of self-service checkouts in stores and “BO 2.0”, a new interface for stores to manage their administration and payroll from and VL Mobile, an app for the iPad aiding our Area Managers organisation of themselves and their stores.

3.    Logistics

Logistics, in a nutshell, is providing the right product in the right place,
at the right time to our customers. This is our company's core functionality and the Logistics department plays a critical role in helping our teams in our regional distribution centres deliver on this requirement.

As the strategic arm of Logistics at Lidl, the department is responsible for providing the tools to our regional colleagues so they can complete their jobs in the most efficient way possible.

If our warehouses require additional storage capacity, the department sources contract partners who can deliver the service we require.

The Logistics department plans for the future in terms of our infrastructure designing warehouses which will sustain the business into the future.  

The department manages contracts and rates for over 20 haulage providers ensuring that products are always available in store.

The Logistics department implements cutting edge warehouse management solutions and systems designed to future-proof the business in a highly competitive market.

Logistics in our head office constantly strives to be at the forefront of innovation in the business. As Logistics touches almost every facet of the business, the department also plays a crucial role in leading, supporting and facilitating innovation for both our regional colleagues as well as colleagues in our head office.