Property & Central Services

1.    Procurement

Our Procurement department doesn’t spend their time trekking
Columbia sourcing the finest Coffee beans – they leave that to our colleagues in our Food Purchasing Department. However, our Procurement team does spend their time sourcing the very best equipment and services that we need to run our business every day. The team is involved in all areas of our operations providing detailed knowledge of products and services from lifting equipment used in our warehouses to electricity which powers our stores. Constantly dealing with both local and International Suppliers, the team ensure we always have the right product or service at the right time and at the best value available in the market.

While much of their time is spent searching the market for best value and new innovative ways of doing things, the team gets involved in many different and diverse projects throughout our business, from the introduction of self-service tills to the redesign of our store layouts. The Procurement department is also leading many varied and diverse projects from Keyless entry systems in our stores to future-proofing our business for the new European Refrigerant Gas regulations.

2.    Facilities Management

The 3 key areas the Facilities Management department looks after are
Energy Management, Property Maintenance & Store Projects and Head Office Management.

The Facilities Management team always look to optimise electricity, gas and water usage and costs throughout the business and implement efficiency improvement initiatives and investment projects. The department also acts as a support function for all Portfolio & Facilities teams in the regional offices on energy related topics.

The department maintains and the company’s properties and assets on a daily basis to ensure that they are maintained to the highest standard, that all health and safety standards are adhered to and that costs associated with property maintenance and asset management are proactively managed and controlled.

The Facilities Management team is also responsible for the maintenance of all assets in our head office and for organising services such as cleaning, catering and security.

3.    Environmental Health and Safety

The Environmental Health & Safety department is responsible for the
development, coordination and implementation of Food Safety, Fire Safety and Health & Safety policies and procedures across all aspects of our business. They do this by working with all our head office and regional teams in order to develop, promote and maintain a safe working environment for our employees and a safe place for our customers to shop.

Some exciting Sales project the team is working on are the roll-out of the new Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including the store safety shoe, First Aider Training for all Deputy Store Managers and Store Managers, new steps ladders and kick steps and lots more.

Some of their Warehouse projects would include New Food, Fire, Health & Safety and Manual Handling Training, Safety Forums that will be held quarterly, Pallet splitters and lots more.

4.    Construction

The Construction department in our head office is essentially
responsible for how our store and warehouse buildings look and feel. The department defines exactly how stores should be built, how they should look and essentially how much they will cost. The team is also a support function to our regional construction colleagues who implement store construction projects. Head Office Construction is also responsible for any new build or major project related to any of our regional distribution centres or our Dublin head office.

In addition to the further development of our new modern store design, the team is currently constructing a new regional distribution centre in Co. Kildare. The project is one of the largest construction projects in the country!